RFG Testimonial



I have been working out with Mr. Mathew for the last five months and I lost 22 lbs of body fat. One of the best things about Mathew’s training is the variety of exercises that he includes in the program. He has introduced me to new exercises that I have never done before. It keeps the work out really fun, interesting and challenging. He is punctual and professional. I strongly recommend Mathew to anyone who wishes to become fit and healthy.

Prabh Hundal


I have been a patient of diabetes for the past 15yrs. Regular workout at the gym, controlled diet and even after having joined a weight reduction Center, my doctor still had to put me on insulin. This resulted in my weight shooting up from 75 kgs to 103 kgs. I was desperate to lose weight but nothing worked. Instead, my knees started giving me a lot of problem. It became difficult to me to walk. I happened to see Mathew’s training pamphlet and half heartedly, I just took another chance to contact Mathew. It was the best decision I made. Today my knees are much better my insulin is down by 6units. I am more flexible, feel more active n energetic. Besides all this, Mathew is a thorough gentleman, polite very punctual and efficient in planning workouts according to age and health issues. I am confident of getting positive results through his fitness program designed according to my requirements. I wish him success in career as a fitness guide and an instructor.



I would recommend Mathew for your personal fitness goals. He was my instructor right after I gave birth and he worked with me tirelessly to ensure I got my target size. He is calm and at same time pushes you to get that perfect body. He also works with you to accomplish what you want. The yoga aspect was my favorite because he taught me to breathe and relax which I still practice in my everyday routine.
"Thank you for being the best."

Mr & Mrs Williams


We are senior citizens with age related difficulties like muscle pain, joint stiffness, flexibility issues and balance problems. Mr. Mathew’s exercises and stretches helped us to reduce aches and pains and we are feeling much energetic now. His programs are very effective and we are very happy with his exercise plans. He taught us about the importance of proper posture and breathing for each exercises. His knowledge in yoga and breathing exercises are very helpful to control stress and to relax mind and body. Looking forward to our next session.

Kimme Lafayette


I have tried a number of training programs and different gym memberships over the years and always felt like my trainers were not listening to what 'I' wanted but rather had their own agenda of what 'they' wanted for me. Mathew’s in-home fitness sessions helped me exactly the way I wanted them to. And he listens to my own personal goals. He uses functional training, free weight exercises, flexibility training and nutritional guidance to help me reach my goals. I lost almost 20 lbs of body fat, improved my strength, stamina and flexibility within 3 months of training with him. He tailored my workout to my individual needs and he kept changing the program according to my fitness improvement. His stretches have helped me to improve flexibility and avoided muscle soreness after the sessions. He provided me a complete workout which I was looking for. He is knowledgeable, flexible and very professional. I strongly recommend him and ‘RFG’ to anyone who is seriously thinking to get into shape and start a healthy lifestyle. Thank for your guidance and motivation.
"Even my dog, Peanut, enjoyed his workouts too."

Morati Kelly

DiplomatBotswana High Commission, New Delhi

It is almost a year now that I have been training with Mathew Chacko . I started training to lose my baby fat which I had gained during my pregnancy. His training methods are very effective and he pushes you to your limits. I have reduced from a size 40 to size 34 and I love my body. I couldn't have asked for a better trainer than Chacko. For me he is really the best.

N P Singh

DirectorThe Indian Express Group

I have been very happy with Mathew Chacko . I admire his thoroughly professional yet human approach to training, which he tailors and adapts to meet the special, individual requirements of his clients. He has excellent knowledge and a deep understanding of his subject. Very punctual, unfailingly courteous, and sensitive, he is an ideal trainer. I have benefitted greatly from my association with him and look forward to many healthy and happy years ahead.


Joint SecrettaryGovernment of India Ministry of New & Renewable Energy

I have been doing my workouts with Mr. Mathew Chacko (Saneesh), Rejuvenation Fitness Group, for the last 18 months. I have found that Saneesh has been able to customise the workout to suit my needs and varied it to suit my growing stamina. He has also made sure I don't get bored of the routine and has added various facets to ensure a complete and holistic workout. But the best aspect of doing the workout with Saneesh, has been the fact that he has made sure that I don't get demotivated and he has been the epitome of perseverance (making sure I don't give way to my natural laziness and bunk classes). All in all, highly recommended.

Aarti Singh

Content Head-NorthEncompass Gurgoan

I have been working out with Mr. Mathew Chacko (Saneesh) since March 2008. It's over 2 and a half years now - from losing all my post baby weight to simply feeling fit - RFG has made a lifestyle change for me that's become for keeps. Saneesh himself is one of the most dedicated professionals I know - his gentle demeanour hides a steel will which motivates and keeps you on your toes. His sincerity shines through and he takes it upon himself to ensure that he will bring out the best in you.

Samegh Batra

Defense Colony, Delhi

Mr.Mathew Chacko has been training me and my wife for close to an year now. over the span of the year, we have found him to be extremely patient, helpful and knowledgeable . Mr Chacko has an in-depth knowledge of workouts and specifically designs your exercise to meet your goals. Whether you are bulking up or slimming down, trying to improve your health or just improve your strength, Mr. chacko has the background and the commitment to help you succeed.I have never gotten result like these and as quickly and effectively.I wish Mr.chacko all the very best in his future endeavors. i am sure he will be a valuable asset to any institution he will join.